Shifting Bodies

As I stand 

I think:

A thousand, two thousand 

Three thousand years from now the 

past hundred years

Will be nothing but a mere

Drop in a water pail 

Full of blood paid by the

Souls of

So many men, women and 


And human history will

Only exist as 

Scratch on parchment

Weathered by time

And illegible

By nature  


Stop the Double Standard


Not withstanding all that is happening in this country today, I’d like to – for a minute – vent my frustrations about the CHICAGO POLICE DEPARTMENT.

It seems that in no great quantity is there any integrity or intestinal fortitude within the CPD. So much so, that it appears to be alright to park THREE-DEEP in the bike lane in front of the Police Academy on Jackson. I guess in the school house they’re taught early on about the DOUBLE STANDARD that exists between the citizen and those who are sworn to SERVE AND PROTECT.

When I was in the service and a young, newly promoted E-4 (not even a Sergeant yet) I was taught to LEAD BY EXAMPLE. In all that I did as a leader in the Army the cornerstone for my actions was to LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Set the standard, uphold the standard, exceed the standard. It was simple. That brought on increased unit cohesion, higher morale and a better output from the team. And it kept the First Sergeant off my guys’ backs.

But I digress… There is no LEAD BY EXAMPLE in CPD. There is no leadership enforcing the standard. There is NO ACCOUNTABILITY for those who do wrong in the police department. If a private were to park his POV (privately owned vehicle) in the Sergeant Major’s parking spot in front of headquarters, you bet yer sweet ass that private would be in the leaning rest answering for it (and he sure as hell wouldn’t do it again either because his battle buddy wouldn’t let him hear the end of it).

There is a total lack of respect for the people from the police and it translates in all that they do as officers of the law. And now we want to increase the problem by adding a thousand more swine to the sausage factory. BRILLIANT!

The problem isn’t LACK OF POLICE. it’s LACK OF POLICING. We should be investing that cop money into the neighborhoods to educate and motivate our youth; give them something positive to do with their free time. Put them on the path to a positive life. Let’s cure the illness, not treat the symptoms. Help those who are most in need, not corral them into neighborhoods with substandard living conditions and patrol them heavy-handedly to the point of pointless incarceration.

Anywho… I guess I’m pissed about more than just the cops parking in the bike lane. But, it starts with the simple stuff.

Stop the double standard.


Those who
Bemoan the darkness
Of night
Do not see the
Twilight Forget-me-nots.
Into full bloom,
Thrown upon
A sheet of
Phthalo blue.
Within the festivities
Of pitch black.
Rejoice in
The eventide
Before she be
Torn to pieces
When the sun
Streams of light
From beyond the
Distant horizon.

Drowned in Death 

Drowned in death
The smell of blood

An underwater butcher shop

Chumming up the water

As the Sharks swim in

With their crooked rows of teeth

And dented skin

The living mourn the dead

And all hell steadily continues

To break loose 

No end 

No end 

The bodies continue to pile up

The living 

Not quite alive


Drown in death

You Have the Right to NOT Remain Silent

So I should apologize in advance for any cyclist getting a bullshit ticket from an asshole cop today. It’s my fault, and here’s why:

I was heading East on Jackson towards Whitney Young High School this morning when I saw a Chicago Police SUV roll through a stop sign coming off of Laflin and speed through the school zone. I thought to myself, “What gives that cock sucker the right?” Putting motorists in danger, driving recklessly. Putting children in danger, speeding through a school zone – luckily the kiddies were all inside.

Anywho, he was moving at a pretty quick pace and sped away heading East down Jackson as well. Just so happens, our public servant parked his pork wagon in the bike lane right in front of the Police Academy. As he was walking towards the front door looking like most cops do: overweight and looking fatter in his body armor. If I must say so at this moment: there’s no need to wear the body armor. No one is going to shoot and kill you, piggy. Chicago already went through a stint with dead swine back when the Stock Yards were up in full-swing.

But I digress. As the cop was walking towards the front door of the Police Academy, I shouted out to him: “Nice parking job, buddy!” I was content with my statement. But – as if it was almost premeditated – the cop put his hand behind his head, without even missing a stride and flipped me off. Ha! I actually laughed to myself for a second. But then the militant me on my left shoulder jumped over to my right shoulder and kicked the holy fool hanging out there off his perch.

I wasn’t even mad, but I felt I needed to say more given the childish reaction to my statement and given the fact that this police officer – as most Chicago cops do – is blatantly breaking the law and scoffing at a private citizen calling him out on it. I know life isn’t fair. I get all that. And I know the CPD has “bigger things to worry about” but they aren’t cleaning up the streets, don’t do shit to serve and protect and really don’t give fuck-one about most people in this city.

So I quickly shouted to him: “Shove it up your ass, you fucking pig!” And then: “Go suck a fat cock, swine fucker!” I really wanted to call him a hypocrite and a two-faced POS, but my low-brow mentality got the best of me and I lowered myself to his level. Honestly, I don’t even think he would’ve understood my strife and my comments would’ve flown right over his salt-n-pepper flat top hair cut.

I continued to ride as I was on my way to work and immediately thought to myself: fuck man, this guy is gonna get back on patrol and take it out on the next cyclist he sees. It’s possible, so if that’s the case and someone today gets a ticket that maybe they wouldn’t normally get from a guy who just seems a little more miffed than average, that’s probably due in part because I can’t control myself when I see cops abusing power – no matter how insignificant it may seem to anyone.

There is a lack of mutual respect in this city between most cops and most cyclists. It’s a lack of empathy that is rampant in most city environments. But it’s no shock to anyone that the populace doesn’t respect the police, there’s nothing to respect. Immature, above-the-law wannabe motherfuckers with loaded weapons patrolling our streets for no other reason than to draw a paycheck and marginalize human beings. I could turn this into a book, but it’s already too long.

Keep the cops in check, Chicago. If you don’t, you’re rewarding bad behavior. And most of these cops act like children anyway, so they’ll take that shit and just run with it.

I leave you with this (it’s timeless):