Today I Planted a Zuel Seed

Cold permeates off the wall in the
Picture a hot summer day
Sun, shinning; heat, unbearable
Everything has a red hue
Look at the way the heat comes
Off the pavement
You can feel that heat, you can
See it
Turn that around completely
Take that red hue and make
It blue and white
Throw in some snow, drop the temperature
I reach over my head as I
Lie atop white, soft sheets of
I touch the wall, its cold
That cold permeates like heat
My hand hovers three inches from
The wall
It permeates
Its cold, its death’s breath
The puppy is in his cage
Our old lady Zuel rests on her
Next to ours
The puppy whines
And Zuel lays still, facing his cage
With her eyes slightly closed
“Oh no…” Mo holds a hand over
Her mouth
Naked, a tremble
When Zuel was a pup
Paws too big for their own good
Her clumsiness was a form of joy
And satisfaction… entertainment
For her masters
A lil flip, a lil flop… she loved to perform
The clumsy lil pup puts a smile
On the faces of all who watch
Should’ve put her in the circus!
Zuel, the high-flying
And clumsy
Trapeze dog!
What a wonder
As the years moved on
The shows got less and less
She played the big lil sister
To her pal, Arco
Partners in crime
Dogs of the wild
Fun loving kids creating happy
Fun times
No matter where they went
Camping, dog parks, walks in the
No matter what, no matter
Arco was the smaller one,
Get Zuel to clean up his mess
Zuel was the brawn
Big, strong, scary, gorgeous in her own right
White as a ghost
Arco was just as white
The shepherd, whippet mix
High strung and still
Well behaved
He has since passed
Buried on the side of a ridge
A pretty lil valley
Placed lovingly in the earth
Given to fly
Amongst the lil doggie angels
In lil doggie heaven
We’d still take Zuel to the
She loved the geese
Scared of the water
She’d stand on the shore
Pace back and forth
The geese, honking
Staying just out of harms way
Her eyes fixed
Ears propped up
As bad as she wanted to
She would never go in that
When she was a pup
She was at a dog park
It had a
Lil doggie beach
In the water, with her friends
Never been in the water before
She had nothing to fear
The other dogs were bigger
Happy to have a new dog to pal around with
She damn near drowned
Big dogs play too rough
The lil pup couldn’t hold her own
And since then, the water never
Looked the same
A torturous, dungeon
A place of concern
So because of this
The geese are safe
Safe to honk and paddle
In the sanctity of their
Deep, cold and wet
Safety zone
Poor lil Zuel
Safe lil geese
Zuel was never the same
In the wild with out Arco
Camping in the mountains of
She stayed within earshot
Or sometimes within a 10-foot
She’s co-dependant
Some of it is to do with the breed
A lot of it is to do with the love
She received
She ventured off, outside her
Assuming we were behind her
On the trail
We split off to see a waterfall
We could see her
She couldn’t see us
Panic set in!
She paced up and down the trail
Near our last known location
Poor girl
Alone, needing
We call out, “Zuel!”
She hears, she can’t see us…
She paces faster, head going up
Ears to the sky
Nose in the wind
We come off the waterfall
Family and child
The dog smiles
Like a good petting behind the ear
The dog cracks a smile
She’s happy
She feels much better now
That was the last time
We took her camping
City life has slowly
Taken over
Death’s cold breath still
Moves along
The bedroom wall
The puppy
In his cage
Is anxious to go out and
Run for the first time in the morning
Death has stayed in the room
Until we woke
Zuel lies still
Face and paws outreaching
To the puppy’s cage
Wonder what her goodbye
Sounded like
“Be good to this family.
They’ve been nothing but good
To me.”
Death leaves the room
I throw open the curtains
Mo’s hand drops from her mouth,
“It can’t be.”
The room is still
The puppy is patient
Inside his cage
He’s given his command
He goes outside
Alone, in the yard, quiet
“Be good to this family.”
We wrap the quietly laying
Peaceful, now departed
Part of our family
The blanket is warm
Made to ward off the cold
Hand of death
Zuel is taken to the woods she loved so much
I carried her up the hill
Snow covered
The sun was out
The trees covered in a white veil
A hole carefully dug
On a ridge, overlooking
A pretty lil valley
She lies next to her
Lil big brother
Placed in the ground for all
Arco and Zuel back together
Her dominion is that which is
Deserving of a snow-white
The ground was soft
And unusually easy to dig
Her new home forever
On a ridge
With her dear old friend
Today I planted a Zuel seed
Come spring
A tree with beautiful
White leaves
Will fill the space in the


3 thoughts on “Today I Planted a Zuel Seed

  1. So sorry Mo, Aaron and Julian. Sounds like she went peacefully. Better than having to make that choice. Its tough. Your best friend is gone physically but always, always there beside you. I feel your pain. Take care.

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